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an exclusive report from the democratic republic of congo - we are with the army as they retake the final town held by m23 rebels. [ ♪ theme ] hello, this is al jazeera, live from doha. also ahead in the next 30 minutes - the two most senior khmer rouge figures alive are on trial. the latest from cambodia. >> the afghan election up for sale. we found counterfeit voter cards sold for a few dollars.
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>> the new kings of baseball. the boston red sox win the world series for the first time at home, in almost a century. . the democratic republic of congo has taken back the last town held by the m23 rebels. it's taken 18 months to put down the rebellion by some of its former soldiers. now it's finally taken bunagana. the group muteineed over pay and conditions and say they are fighting for the tutesy group. malcolm webb was with the army for the final result. here is his exclusive report. >> day breaks. it's time to fight. >> a volley of rockets fired at the m23 rebels boosts more article. >> the congolese soldiers have a
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lopping way to go -- a long way to go. the rebel fighters hold a 20km stretch of the road surrounded by hills and bush. at the end holds the last rebel stronghold, bunagana. on the boarder. >> translation: i'm cleaning my gun. i'm fighting m23. they are not strong. >> they didn't know what resistance they'll find on the way. they soon find out. some are terrified. most just keep moving forward. between firefights they are well received in the villages. this woman things things will get better. >> translation: if the government takes back bunagana, all our relatives who are
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refugees in uganda can come back. under m23 it was tough. >> it's time to resupply. confidence grows. then another gun battle. again the rebels flee. they were trying to defend this bridge. they tried to burn it to stop tanks from passing. but the strategy failed. the advance gathers momentum. on the outskirts of the town there was a handful of rebels left. they are scene off by a blast of machine-gun fire from the soldiers. finally they reached bunagana. the town is deserted. all the civilians have fled. there has been a bit of fighting. you can hear gunfire in the hills. the commander says it's over, they have taken the last rebel stronghold. doesn't mean the rebels can't
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hide in the hills and cause trouble. this was the last town they had control of. minutes later the streets are flooded with delighted residents. the rebels were not popular. people say they stole, killed and raped. after more than a year of living under their rule, there was a sense of relief and celebration. an activist and spokesman for the friends of congo says that it is too early to be certain that the m23 has been completely defeated, says kambale. >> we have to see defeat. we see success by the military. m23 is a fabrication. defeating m23 does not deal with the political problem. there could be a fabrication, m 25 and so on.
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what we think will be the path for freedom is twofold - one, supporting rebel groups and follow tanzania's president's proposal, have the uganda guest talking to the fdlr and the adf - to have direct dialogues. on the congolese side supporting a legitimate government that can deal with the issues now. the current is not able to do so. he doesn't have the will of the people and he's been in power since 2001. that's what we believe. >> the trial of two of the most senior surviving leaders of the khmer rouge regime in cambodia is drawing to a clease. nuon chea and khieu samphan are on trial for crimes against humanity and are accused of orchestrating the deaths of two people through torture,
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starvation and overwork. nuon chea addressed the court denying charges. >> translation: there's no evidence to prove i did it. i didn't have an effective power or position to have control over the forces or local authorities. therefore, is there any reason for me to ord, instigate it perpetrators from committing crimes. >> al jazeera's florence is following the case. just remind us who the two men are. >> well, you have the 8 seven-year-old nuon chea, he was the architect of the regime's policies and aims, widely regarded as the chief ideaologist. he was known as brother number 2, second in command to the regime's leader. then 82-year-old khieu samphan. the former head of state and a member of the elite. this trial has gone on for more than two years. a verdict is not expected until
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some time mid next year. the prosecution asked for life sentence for the two accused. >> what is the significance of the trial to ordinary cambodians. >> well, for many of the survivors, they consider it as their last chance for justice. now, these two men, as i said, are men in their 80s. there's supposed to be four defendants. one passed away and another is unfit to stand trial because she has alzheimer's. witness statements have been given in a way for the country and for the courts to acknowledge what they have gone through, the sufferings they've gone through. it serves as a catalyst for the younger generation to have discussion about the brutal and violent past of the country. the other thing that is important about the hearing is it could be the last charges that the men are tried for.
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they are facing charges of crimes against humanity and genocide. this trial is only focused on the forced evacuation of phonm penh, and the alleged killing of government soldiers, because the trial was broken into smaller parts to make it manageable. there's an issue of funding and allegations of political interference. there's questions as to whether or not the trial will continue. if it doesn't, this trial could be the last chance for justice for the survivors of the khmer rouge regime. >> thank you, florence looi live. >> a suspected drone strike kills three and injured three others in pakistan, happening in the area of north waziristan. a week after nawaz sharif urged president obama to stop drone attacks. we are following the story and this is the report from
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islamabad. >> a drone strike in north waziristan killed three people. according to reports two missiles were fired, one hitting in a main baddar. the other hitting a housing compound. the attack comes a week after pakistan's prime minister pleaded the case with the u.s. president that the drone strikes should stop. however, the americans have sent a clear message that they have no intention to stop the strikes, and the strike coming hours after the pakistani ministry of defense informed the senate that only 67 civilians had been killed in the past. most of the casualties were militants. that, of course, would contradict the foreign office statement to the u.n. ben emerson, that hundreds were kill. he was later told that that figure was an underestimate, that the casualty figure was in
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the thousands. the report is seen as highly contradictory because there have been a number of attacks. casualties are confirmed to be civilians. 80 civilians were killed at a funeral procession in 2009. over 40 tribal chief taps were killed -- chief tans were killed in another attack. reports are contradictory, and likely to raise eyebrows. >> people in afghanistan still have several months to go until polling day. already there are concerns about election fraud. the last presidential vote was marred by widespread corruption. al jazeera uncovered evidence that next year's election could be compromised. jennifer glass reports. >> what you are looking at are counterfeit voter cards. in afghanistan people are worried they can be used in upcoming presidential elections. al jazeera travelled in the east, where the cards were on
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sale for $5-$10. they can be used to cast a vote. you can bias many as you can afford. an official said he couldn't tell if the cards were real or fake. he said it doesn't matter. people will be watching the polls. >> the chief electoral officer was surprised to see the forgeries. the man selling them had 2 million. those people - there were two or three manipulating the process. but when we showed the cards to presidential candidate abdullah abdullah he was worried the election could become the repeat of the 2009 poll when he came in second, and withdrew because of accusations of vote rigging. al jazeera found similar fake voter cards, but only weeks before the vote.
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now there's more than five months before the poll. >> the election is not worried, because it's the nation which is worried. they have to be worried if this is happening in this way. they have to be worried. >> abdullah says he asked for new voter id cards and comprehensive voter list more than a year ago. the election commission said it didn't have the time or money for that. it's hoped observers and afghan people will keep next year's election honest. >> the u.s. national security agency is denying reports that the spy agency tapped into google and yahoo data centres. a report in the "the washington post" cited documents leaked from edward snowden. the latest comes as a delegation from the yurp een -- european parliament visits washingtoning to -- washington to investigate
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claims on spying. >> the damage for the united states is so high, something has to be done on that. i hope it will be successful. we need messages for the people that without any purpose it can't happen on citizens. >> earlier this year a 16-year-old girl was gank raped as she walked home. in a few minutes we go to kenya's capital where women's rights campaigners demand her attackers be punished. >> and in india - scenes like this scare off foreign investors. but it's time to increase the minimum wage.
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[ ♪ music ] hello again. the top stories on al jazeera: soldiers in the democratic republic of congo have retaken the last town held by rebels. people in bunagana celebrated with troops after they flushed out the m23 fighters following an 18-month rebellion. >> a trial of two senior living leaders of the khmer rouge regime is drawing to a close. nuon chea and khieu samphan are on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity >> afghan election - concern about voter fraud ahead of the 2014 poll. counterfeit voter cards are being sold for as little as $5. >> amnesty international is criticising jordan for refusing
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syrian refugees at its border. people without identification documents, unaccompanied men and palestines narakis from inside syria are being stopped. jordan hosts half a million refugee mostly at a camp, and says facilities are overstretched. we have this report. >> it's been a year since this man and his family lived in a plastic tent at a refugee camp. they barely survived a snow storm last winter and are terrified of cold and wet weather. ali says the reason he's living in the frail tent is because of widespread bribery here. >> those that have money pay engineers $150 and get a prefabricated home. those with no money have to beg for one. my 8-month-old baby is living in a tent with rats - they are eating their meals with us. this is no life. >> these accounts are confirmed by an amnesty international
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report, which says powerful organised gangs have diverted assistance to their parts of the camp. the report says services provided by humanitarian organizations are generally inadequate here. the majority of the services are clustered together. the original infrastructure of camp was built. that means people living further away find it difficult to get to school, clinics and shops. amnesty international says walking several kilometres to reach services is a struggle for the elderly, people with disabilities, and women who head households. >> amnesty international criticises jordanian government policy, saying jordan is violating international law by forcib forcibly deporting refugees. a report saying jordan has been turning away refugees since may. the government says it's not
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true. >> our policy regarding syrian refugees is the same. a refugee that reaches our borders is allowed in. refugees are allowed in, and then they are medically examined, and they are transported into the refugee camps. >> amnesty international says there have been unannounced boarder closures and some syrians had to pay a bribe to get into jordan. syrian rebel sources told al jazeera they pay up to $500 to send an injured person to jordan. amnesty is aware of the challenges jordan face, but insists many areas need improvement. for ali and his family - all they want is a safe and proper shelter to keep them warm during the winter months. israeli forces have shot dead a palestine man in the occupied west bank. it happened in kabatia south of
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janine. the 22-year-old was shot in the chest after a raid on a local vegetable market. the israeli military says it was confronted by dozens of people throwing rocks. >> morocco recalled its ambassador to alzeeria after comments about the western sahara. they are calling for a monetary system for massive and systematic human rights abuses in the western sahara. the territory was annexed by morocco. morocco's foreign ministry says the comments were aggressive, intended to provoke people in the region. >> workers in indonesia launch a 2-day strike demanding better pay and working conditions. the workers say raising pay is not enough.
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feared by employers, admired by workers of the the labour leader achieved something many seemed impossible - organising workers that have been silent for years. now they are a force to be reckoned with. >> translation: we live in a time of modern slavery. people work hard, but can't live a proper life. they have no future. people work but have no house, and they won't get a pension. i call it modern slavery. >> for years indonesian workers did not earn more than $100 a month. the economy has grown by more than 6%. the workers' lives have not improved. after months of protest up to 40% increase was secured on the minimum wage - a major victory,
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but not enough. this year they aim for 150% increase. >> most of the labour businesses will close. it is hard. the main job is there. especially when our labour is unskilled. educate only at school, training is important. there's a lot of unemployment still here. >> they call him indonesia's works class leader. he's organised hundreds of thousands of workers. his work is not without danger. it does not stop him from organising more workers. 37 million registered workers, 12% only are part of a labour union. others are afraid. >> translation: police beat up our members during protests. i'm being threatened that i will be shot or killed on the spot if i keep leading the movement.
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>>. >> igbal is undeterred. he's determined to improve the life of the workers so the gap between the rich and poor in indonesia will close. >> student demonstrations against egypt's military-backed government turned violent. supporters of the anti-coup alliance stormed a university in cairo, damaging equipment and writing graffiti on the walls. protests on wednesday left 25 people injured and many arrested. >> the bodies of 25 people who drowned off the coast of indonesia are being returned to lebanon. their boat sank whilst trying to make it to australia. 18 people have survived. they have returned to lebanon. we are getting reports of an explosion in lebanon's bekar valley. in the past hour.
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it happened on the shatora highway in the jalala area. the target appears to be an army intelligence station. the army cordoned off the area. no reports of injuries. more details as and when we have them on al jazeera. >> spain is officially out of its 2-year recession. only just. the economy has grown by 0.1%, due to a rise in exports, and a busy tourist season. >> three season from the defunct news of the world paper admitted to hacking phones. it comes on the back of trials of former editors brooks and kewell son. the scandal forced rupert murdoch to close his "news of the world" newspaper in 2011. >> people in kenya are calling for the government to take
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action against men who gang-raped a 16-year-old girl. protesters gathered at freedom park and are making their way to the ministry of justice building and police headquarters. >> here is more detail about the case. in june 6th men attacked the girl known as liz to the media. they threw her into a deep pit lat reen. a day later the community handed the three of the men to the police. now, as punishment the men were told to cut the grass at the police compound and then sent home. the rape was not reported in kenyan media until october when doctors treating the girl went public. a few weeks later she had spinal surgery and needs to use a wheelchair and is undergoing treatment. >> u.s. president barack obama says that he'll take full responsibility for fixing problems associated with the government health care webb siment. the affordable care act is
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supposed to be one of the key elements of the president's legacy, aiming to provide health insurance to millions who don't have it. the website crashed when it opened and people have struggled to use it. >> there is no denying it. right now the web spite is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck. i am not happy about it. neither are a lot of americans who need health care. they are trying to figure out how to sign up as quickly as possible. there's no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> a couple of stories we are expecting to develop further on thursday - has the u.s. spy agency been listening to the phone calls of the vatican. an italian magazine claimed the nsa spied on benedict and his
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successor. and it reported that he listened in on cardinals. the vatican says, "we are not aware of anything on this issue. in any case we have no concerns about it. >> in the next few hours results from an unofficial referendum. the oil-rich state straddles sudan and south suedan. the ngok dinka tribe held the poll. neither country recognises the vote. >> in france - a match you won't want to miss. francis hollande takes on the football clubs later on thursday. he's proposing a 75% top rate of tax. club bosses say it will make it impossible to compete at the european level and are cancelling to -- are threatening to cancel all matches in the final week of november. >> the box are world series champions, after crushing st louis cardinals 6-1, kath turner
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reports from the famous fork. >> the boston -- fenway park. the boston party has begun. fans that couldn't get tickets eventually made it into the park. the red sox victory celebrations is about more than sporting glory. all season the team carried the hopes of a city, which is trying to come back from an attack on a premier sporting event. >> we needed this. this is perfect. >> on april 1, '52 bombs went off at the finish line of the boston marathon. three killed, 260 injured. jeff was among them, losing both legs in the explosion. a stranger with a cowboy hat picked him up, put him in a wheelchair and rushed him to an ambulance. people stop carlos wherever he
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goes, shaking his hand to say thank you and has his photo taken, with a man who symbolizes how boston pulled together during trauma. >> dealing with families - like i say, just participating in many events - that helps all of us. >> dan lieber witch runs an organization that looks at how sport can create social positive change. he says the red sox players and boston athletes used influence and talent to strengthen ties to the community. >> the backdrop of the bomb was motivation for everyone in the city and sport is a great deflection to think about other things and rally around the hope of a new season. >> after six months of private and public grieving boston has something to cheer about. >> amazing. you have the home crowd, boston strong, marathon, it's awesome. >> the red sox were not expected to do well. just as boston rallied in the
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aftermath of the bombings, so too did the attempt. the win won't erase the memories, but might help the city forget. if only for one glorious night. >> fantastic. more on the stories in this bulletin and at the website at in the eye of a political storm. >> hello, i'm libby casey. what is usually secret is out in the open tonight, and the national security agency is on the defensive on multiple fronts. the nsa surveillance practices at home and abroad have been

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